Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Baby's First Sweater: Women's U-Neck Vest by Mari Lynn Patrick


My labor of love is now complete...and boy, were those creative contractions ever painful.

After four semi-froggings and subsequent reknits, the U-Neck Vest is finally wearable. Well, almost.

I have to say I am mostly satisfied. It fits really nicely through the waist and bust, but the sleeves are just too long and a bit puffy. 

Maybe they will loose some volume in the wash. We'll see.

So now I am on a rampant spree of baby knitting. Man, this procreation business seems to be contagious right now. Well, I guess that is what happens when you and your friends are thirty-somethings. 

I just started EZ's Baby Surprise Jacket. Who hasn't knitted one of those? 

I also have an improvised baby blanket on the go too. It is amazing how quickly chunky yarn is knitted on 35mm needles- Above is a preview of the Bigga Baby Blanket.

Ah yes, then there was my lone attempt at hand spinning. It was yet another subtle reminder at how challenged I am in the manual dexterity department. It probably didn't help that I was doing it in public with several experienced spinners looking on while winging constantly about the migraine I'd had for almost a week at that point. 

The Kopfschmerzen are gone (thank God) and has given way to a curious pain arising in my right wrist. Is it time to learn Continental so I can switch-knit? Perhaps. With all that lovely (and cheap) roving I acquired at Woolfest, I will again pick up the lovely spindle Pen lent me, but not yet. I have to bond with Elizabeth first.

Knit well and knit often. 


Cathy said...

Wow! This is beautiful!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!


Jen said...

beautiful!! great job! definitely looks like britt ;) xoxox jen

rubbishknitter said...

ace.... that's really pretty! i love the colours. Respect for sticking it out through the froggings and reknittings and getting something so lovely and wearable in the end!

re: right wrist pain, I suffer from that intermittently. For me anyway, switching to continental style was a *big* help, but it still flares up occasionally if I go on a ridiculous marathon knitbender, or a really long bike ride. Paracetamol also helps - I find if I take a couple before bed the wrist sort of fixes itself in the night. (The doctor said i had a tendon inflammation, so non-up-the-duff people could probably go for something a bit stronger of the anti-inflammatory kind, like Nurofen.)

brittunia said...

Thanks Cathy and Jen for popping by!

And Polly, thanks for the tip. I guess I should just avoid the daily knitting benders... But I may have to resort to pills (which I avoid if I can) and Continental style. We'll see how these strange magnetic bracelets help.