Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Acute Fiber Insanity - AFI

Some people I know are very methodical about their yarn purchases and have managed to accumulate no stash whatsoever or hardly any except for the projects the have queued. I try to be one of those people, but alas, I am what the Yarn Harlot calls an 'organic knitter' and that leads to a many of yarn purchases on account of a condition known as 'acute fiber insanity', or AFI for short.

Elizabeth at Fibre + Clay told me this morning that she also buys a wool without having any idea what to make out of it - purely out of infatuation or even AFI. It goes something like this, won't you agree:

There it is in the corner, tucked away and almost seemingly hidden from the shop's normal stock, calling you to scoop it up and caress your neck with it. Its color fascinates you and the texture sends you into throws of unspeakable ectasy. You lose all touch with the world around you and realize...it will be mine. It almost sounds like that scene from Waynes' World where the object of affection is instead a white Fender Stratocaster and any semblence of ecstasy is nipped in the bud by the 'No Stairway to Heaven' sign. Bummer, Dude, I got mine,
For me recently, it was Debbie Bliss Alapaca Silk in a fabulous deep plum (you know, the one that is all the rage this season on the High Street)...and it was 40% off. How could I just let it sit on the shelf? That would be cruel and unusual punishment for such a beautiful yarn, let alone myself. So I bought every ball the shop had with no idea what to make out of it.

One of the mavens at F+C told me it knitted up quite quickly, so I decided on a shrug-type garment (since I only have 10 balls) and scoured the net several times with no luck. Today, though, Lady Knitting Luck smiled favorably upon me in the form of Kim Hargreaves' "Thrown Together". What a talented designer, although Ms Purly Whites doesn't seem to think so. I guess it is all personal preference and style, really. And this cute, retro feeling does me fine. If Hargreaves wanted to do haute couture, she would have sold her soul and be designing for Marc Jacobs. Sorry to be so simple minded about this, but hey, that's the way I see it.
There are so many fantastic designs it was hard to decide. I have decided on 'Aimee', the quick and easy shruggy-like thing with a cowl that graces the cover of the book. It is exactly what I was looking for, except the shelling out of nearly 13 Pounds. But I am all about supporting talented (and sometimes untalented) people as well as my LYS, so I bit the bullet. Besides, I can spend money on a pattern book if I got a bargain on the yarn, right? Here it is, awaiting me; my tension square begging to be finished:

I cannot wait to get started on Aimee, but unfortunately I have to finish my EZ bonnet and booties which I am desperatlely behind on since the expectant mother gave birth three days ago. Still got a ways to go on this project. Good thing it's ity-bity:

Then there is the Bainbridge Scarf for a deserving woman in my life I have been moonlighting with (er, does moonknitting work?)....sheesh, so many projects and so little time. 

But at least Bearski has some brand new Caribbean socks thanks to the help of Ann Budd:
I took these photos with my old Canon Powershot and I really notice the difference in quality between it and my Nikon D40, so I will try to use the latter exclusively from now on - for all our sakes.
Knit well and knit often.

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rubbishknitter said...

niiiiiiiice purple yarn! Looks very squidgable. And important to have as many things as physically possible on the needles at once i feel. Lovely socks also. Hooray for Kaffe Fassett's cheerful colourways!