Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wasn't I Just Talking About Purging?

Wouldn't you know it. As soon as I get done reading and returning (or shelving) my stack of reading materials, I am suddenly flooded with more. I think there should be a 12-step program for this. I really do compulsively accumulate new reading materials. But hey, I guess it is an occupational and hobby hazard.

And this is the collateral damage:

  • KnitKnit by Sabrina Geschwandter (for my experimental side and the art historian in me)
  • Yarn Forward Summer 2008 Issue 6 (market research)
  • Craft: 07 and 08 (lovingly sent by Mimi in Yakima)
  • Knitting Rules by Stephanie Pearl McPhee (I need to laugh too sometimes)
  • The Knitting Answer Book by Margaret Radcliffe (Knitting Tote-Sized for Emergency Reference)
  • The Knitter's Handbook by Elenor Van Zandt (Yes, I am obsessed with reference materials. How did you know?)
The upside is that I now have a plethora of post fodder in reviews and such. In fact, there are only upsides: when I look at that stack next to my knitting bag, I know that I am home.

1 comment:

rubbishknitter said...

oh you can never have too much reading material! Enjoy them :) I also seem to be on some kind of slow, enjoyable quest to get my grubby hands on every knitting publication ever released...