Friday, May 30, 2008

World Wide Knit in Public Day is Saturday, 14 June 2008

Hello all you readers out their in Knitland. Today's post is just a public service announcement reminding you that World Wide Knit in Public Day is quickly closing in on us.

Pack a picknit - e.g. picnic plus knitting gear - and join fellow knitsters of all ages as we show the world the power of our community and represent our peeps.

For more information on WWKiP Day events or 'kips' near you, check out Can't find a local kip? Then organize one yourself. The site provides information on hosting and tools for promoting your kip.

A little background information on WWKiP Day: The unique event has taken place on the second Saturday of June and is an entirely volunteer, locally run event. Since its inception by Danielle Landes in 2005, the number of organized public kips has more than doubled  
each year.

This is not a granny-bashing event; no, no. This is our outing as a com-munity, a chance to get closeted, solitary knitters among our public ranks and an opportunity to demonstrate the diversity, enthusiasm, and array of talent in our community to the rest of the world.

My knitting crew, Absolute Knitters, will be descending upon Exchange Square in the heart of Manchester in two weeks time. I will be reporting back in a few weeks. Be there or be square!
Knit well and knit often (in public).

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