Monday, June 2, 2008

Vintage Knitting Patterns Online

Sunday was one of those days I made it clear to my DH that I intended to spend most of the day on the couch and do nothing else than read, knit and doze; all of which I  did quite successfully. I spent an hour or so looking for a shrug or cardie pattern to compliment something out of my stash. Low and behold, the pattern I found was vintage - thanks to So I decided to be a nice girl and share my findings with you. Today's post features some of the best vintage pattern freebies on the net. has a small collection patterns, mostly women's wear and a pattern for a baby soaker. I have added the Bernat cardigan  (below) and the hooded poncho (above) to my queue. Can't wait to start those two. I wonder if there are any sites that tell you how to achieve such a small waist and super pointy boobs all the models in the 50s and 60s seem to have? Wowie zowie. 

        The Costumer’s Manifesto brings us a few very cool turn of the century patterns (1900-1920). I am especially keen on the Knitted Coat Sweater.

Free Vintage Knitting is brought to us by Purple Kitty Yarns and has 8 categories of vintage patterns including women’s and children’s wear, hats, scarves, gloves, along with holiday and home accessories. I just love this Dutch Tile afghan. Mostly late 60s I’d say. 

Vintage Purls is a site out of NZ and offers up some stellar patterns spanning the 1930s to 1950s. The Sunshine Tube Top and Bolero are fabulously cute and seemingly easily knit.

Vintage Knitting is Rhiannon's blog on exactly what the title alludes to. For all of you wanting some vintage knits inspiration, check it out. Rhiannon hasn't posted for a while, but we want her to do so again. Very soon. The Colombia Diamond Lace sweater that she finished is drop-dead gorgeous. She also has a resource page of other vintage knitting resources.

Vintage Connection has got all of those frilly, lacey little knits from Victorian times. Some of these patterns could totally adaptable and may even inspire a few modern retakes. My fav by far are the knee warmers. I mean, come on, don't your knees get drafty? They would be adorable over tights.

Yarn Lover's Room is a compendium  of ‘antique’ knitting patterns from the 40s to the 60s for women, children, men and lace. I totally dig the super starlet modeling the Ski Sweater in the Round.

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 Do you have any favorite links to vintage patterns? Let me know in the comment sections.  Knit well and knit often.

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