Thursday, June 5, 2008

Groovy Knitting Calculators, Froggin' the Frankenstein Sweater

Groovy Knitting Calculators
Is it just me, or are math knitters just absolutely brilliant? I am not at all mathematically inclined (emphasis on not at all). That is why I am so impressed by people who are and moreover, can do cool, useful, practical stuff with their skills. Lucia, the Knitting Fiend, has an amazing collection of knitting calculators for gauge, yarn quantity, shawls, shrugs, socks, and dog sweaters. Click here to check out the Dog-u-lator Sweater Calculator. Here is a peak of Lucia's model, Muchkin, and his bright orange safety sweater:

Just measure you four-legged friend, plug the numbers into Lucia's dog-u-lator and you are minutes away from knitting a custom doggy sweater.

Lucia hasn't updated her knitblog in a while. So, hopefully she is just really busy and has unfortunately for us neglected her blogging. Her recent absence from the knitblogosphere, however, does not detract from the handy utilities available to us on her site. Here's to math knitting! Dead brilliant, Lucia.

Frogging the Frankenstein Sweater
Although generally agreeable and supportive, I never imagined just how enthusiastic my darling husband would be about my wooly passion. I realized this after 1) he drove me  to a neighboring city (I have been a car-less wonder for over ten years) and waited outside while I spent over an hour at a wool distributor's warehouse clearance sale and 2) he sat patiently next to me and wound up wool as I frogged it from my sweater with mutant, Frankenstein sleeves while watching a documentary on Queen Victoria's Men on Channel 4. The man is truly a saint.

I finally finished the front panel of my Cap Sleeved Sweater (see post Mock Rib Stitch, 23 May 2008) and thought, This is how raglan sleeves are supposed to look. In all honesty, this is my first shot at raglan, so I really don't know if they came out right or not. But intuitively, I feel good about these sleeves. The back of the sweater and especially the sleeves were obviously misshapen, but I just pressed on. 

Unfortunately, Twilley's Freedom Spirit does not frog well. It gets super fuzzy and makes it tedious to frog. Three weeks of evening knitting gone. And interestingly enough, the photo in my title header is actually that piece of the sweater that no longer exists in reality...only virtually now.

I hope you enjoy the Dog-u-lator and that you don't have to frog any time soon. Knit well and knit often.

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